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Acknowledgement of Country


We honour and pay our respects to the Giabal, Jarowair and West Wakka Wakka peoples, the Traditional Custodians of the lands and waterways of the Groom electorate.


We also acknowledge and celebrate the cultural diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who come to Groom from the many nations across Australia to live, work or study. We recognise the significance of our shared history, acknowledging the discriminatory and oppressive injustices of the past.


In the spirit of reconciliation, we are committed to further strengthening the relationships between First Nations and non-First Nations people, aiming for a greater understanding and awareness of the continued connections of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to land, sea and community.


It’s time to do things differently. We support strong, fact-based solutions that fit our times and meet our needs.


We recognise and celebrate enterprise and innovation in our region. We embrace new ways of thinking that deliver better outcomes in our lives.


We believe in a political system that represents and values everyone in our community, no matter who they are, what they do, or where they come from.


Our group is committed to honesty, to keeping our word, to respecting others and to upholding community trust in us.

Our Values

Who are the Voices of Groom?


Voices of Groom is an involved and non-partisan group of residents of the Federal electorate of Groom in Queensland. Our organisation wants to ensure that the issues of our electorate are respectfully presented and heard by our political representatives.



Groom is centered on the city of Toowoomba, which was a meeting place for the Traditional Owners of our land, the Jarowair and Giabal people. We want to be as representative of our community as possible, so we welcome people from all corners of Groom who want to make our electorate a deliberative democracy. It is important that the people in our electorate are heard and that the issues that are represented to Parliament are the issues that matter to Groom.

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Voices of Groom

Voices of Groom