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Political Parties


We are currently represented in Groom by Mr Garth Hamilton from the Liberal National Party.


At the 2020 election, the following parties also ran candidates.

You can see the results here


Australian Labor Party

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Conservative National Party

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Liberal Democrats

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One Nation

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Queensland Greens

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Sustainable Australia

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United Australia Party

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The People of Groom


Groom is an electorate of 150,000 people based around Toowoomba, Queensland. Its population is reflective of the Australian population in terms of gender and age, but tends to have a larger percentage of people aged over 65 than the rest of Queensland. Groom residents are less likely to have been born overseas and less likely to have one or two parents born overseas than the rest of Queensland or Australia. 


Our top five employer industries are hospitals, primary schools, aged care homes, secondary schools, and higher education.  Our median household income is roughly $150 a week lower than the national median, at $1,298 a week.


You can see more about our community here.


A large part of Groom is farmland.  You can get an understanding of this important sector in this Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences Summary of the Toowoomba region.

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