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Privacy Policy


Research and Engagement


We use many opportunities to start conversations in our community about issues that concern our residents.  
Kitchen Table Conversations
We invite everyone to hold a Kitchen Table Conversation with their friends and neighbours to ask two big questions: 
  1. What issues should be the top priority of our Federal representative, Mr Garth Hamilton?
  2. What advice would you give to Mr Hamilton to help solve these issues?

Our survey tests the ideas that come from the kitchen table conversations.  You can complete the survey here.

We facilitate regular forums designed to bring together communities within our electorate to explore particular issues.  We hope these conversations will become part of the solutions to many of the issues we identify.
Politics in the Pub
Come along to talk about what’s important to Groom in these respectful pub conversations around the region.  No parties, no personalities – just the issues.

Our electorate is diverse in its people, their skills and their experiences.  We aim to ensure that everyone’s experiences are valued for their contribution to a positive vision for our community. 

Promoting participatory democracy and diverse opinions as a non-partisan group

Respect is a quality that we see lacking at the highest levels of government – we aim to put respect back into politics. Conversations need to be held to do the best for our electorate and our country. We require that our representatives respect the voices of all in our electorate, and we will work to ensure that the conversations we facilitate are courteous, collegial and aim to mutually benefits our community.

Respectful Conversation

The people of Groom require that decisions are made on the best available facts, rather than being influenced by the loudest voices or those with the most money.  Assumptions are dangerous and decision-making should be based on data.

Use of science and facts to inform decision-making

We understand that many voices in our community are not heard yet have a great deal to contribute.  We commit to a collaborative and collegial process to develop productive and enduring connections within our community so that no voice will be excluded.

Togetherness and Inclusivity

The people of Groom want their political representative to listen to and engage with them. They want their representative to act in the electorate’s interest rather than that of a political party, its donors, or the wealthy. They want their representative to be socially minded, genuine, honest, transparent and trustworthy, fair and just, passionate and intelligent, and to have life experience. They want their representative to display empathy, compassion, Integrity, and understanding.  We will work toward ensuring that our political representative has a clear and honest understanding of what our community wants our future to look like, backed by data.

True Representation

Our representatives need to uphold the highest standards of honesty, integrity and accountability in order to maintain trust in our political system and set the standards for our community.  We also commit to these standards as we facilitate conversations around the future of the electorate of Groom.

Integrity and Accountability

Guiding Principles


It’s time to do things differently. We support strong, fact-based solutions that fit our times and meet our needs.


We recognise and celebrate enterprise and innovation in our region. We embrace new ways of thinking that deliver better outcomes in our lives.


We believe in a political system that represents and values everyone in our community, no matter who they are, what they do, or where they come from.


Our group is committed to honesty, to keeping our word, to respecting others and to upholding community trust in us.

Our Values

Meredith King


After more than a decade in the agricultural sector working closely with Australia’s farming community, Meredith is now focusing on her Research Masters in International Relations. She has a keen interest in the environmental health of our Pacific region. When she's not studying you will find her hiking one of the many beautiful trails in the electorate of Groom and spoiling one of her three nieces and nephew.


Sam Donaldson


Samantha has lived on the Darling Downs for over 25 years, and the last 15 years in Toowoomba. She is co-owner and general manager of a national law firm, with its head office in Toowoomba. Having raised a family and run a business in Toowoomba, she appreciates both the challenges and the opportunities we face within the seat of Groom and is passionate about ensuring our federal representative listens, understands, and works for all the voices of Groom.

Miles Brodie


Miles immigrated to Australia from New Zealand in 1979 and was proud to become an Australian citizen in 2016. Having attended Nudgee College, he graduated medicine from the University of Queensland and subsequently has worked as an Anaesthetist and in Intensive Care.


Miles has a keen interest in cycling, skiing and cooking. Having been married to Suzie, who is a social worker, since 1997 and having two gorgeous grown daughters Miles has a passion for social justice and a great desire to improve the standard of governance in our parliaments.


Who We Are


Voices of Groom was formed in January 2021 as a group of Groom residents who connected via social media to share views on the issues that face our electorate. We incorporated in May 2021 and appointed our founding Directors at the same time. Our constitution is available on request.


We welcome new members from all political viewpoints who are committed to the future of our electorate, and are concerned about issues that affect the people of Groom.


We are also concerned about the Australian political environment, where vested interests are more influential than concern for the community and scientific facts. We decided to listen to what the people of Groom want for their future and the issues that concern them so that our political representative can do their best for both our electorate and Australia in Parliament.


We are not a political organisation and will not run a candidate at future elections.  Instead, we are advocating for effective voter representation, and will endorse a Federal candidate for Groom that truly represents the voices of our region.


Management Committee



Chairperson - Mike Spence


After 20 years as a civil engineer in the Army, Mike, with his wife Glenda, settled in Toowoomba. A second degree in Science led to setting up an environmental engineering consultancy dealing primarily with the agricultural sector, animal waste management, sustainable development and meat processing.


During the past three decades Mike has taken a "hands-on" approach to achieving sustainability at the local and regional level in Landcare, vegetation management, and food production to achieve profitable yet sustainable outcomes.



Treasurer - Glenda Spence


Glenda has had a varied career commencing with Intensive Care nursing before doing Geology at University of New England, Armidale. Following a short career in the Army, Glenda settled with husband Mike in Toowoomba and completed a second degree in Environment and continued on to obtain her Masters in Environmental Management.


Before joining Mike in the environmental engineering consultancy, Glenda was a lecturer in the Science Faculty, USQ; and, undertook an extensive investigation into the health of the waterways on the Darling Downs. Glenda’s strengths are in community, science, and truth and integrity. Her interests include painting and craft

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