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Suzie Holt wins support of Voices of Groom


Respect, integrity, guidance by science, and enterprise are the four values that will be taken to the Federal election by the Voices of Groom-endorsed Independent candidate, Suzie Holt.


Ms Holt was endorsed by the Voices of Groom membership after a candidates’ forum held in Toowoomba and attended by about 50 people on Saturday.


At the forum, candidates were asked to address five questions based on issues that had been raised by Groom voters during a Voices of Groom consultation process, according to Voices chair, Meredith King.


“Candidates were given five minutes to answer each of five questions that asked about their track record of collaboration and engagement, their views on what makes a good political representative for our electorate, how they would work on  climate change, their view of the way forward on the current housing crisis in Groom, and whether our electorate is disadvantaged because it is a safe seat,” Ms King said.


“Ms Holt and the other candidate seeking our support, Kirstie Smolenski, were both exceptional.  It was a very difficult decision for our members, but Ms Holt won by a clear majority.”


Miss King explained that Ms Holt will run a campaign of her own, outside the Voices of Groom organisation.


“Voices of Groom will still work to ensure that our politicians of all stripes are truly representative of this electorate, and we will work to involve people from across the political spectrum to get involved in the democratic process,” she said.


“Some of our members may decide to move across to Ms Holt’s campaign to help out, but that is the extent of our support – there will be no funding from Voices of Groom for any political candidate.”

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01 November 2021

Candidate endorsed to run as Independent

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