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Voices of Groom calls for the urgent resolution of our Queensland Tamil family detained on Christmas Island. 


There is overwhelming support from the people in Groom for the Federal Government  Karen Andrews MP  Garth Hamilton MP Liberal Party of Australia LNP - Liberal National Party for a compassionate resolution.  Our combined voices are calling for urgent intervention to protect the human rights of this family.


In the current circumstances, the residents of Groom are urgently requesting that the Federal Government consider exercising Ministerial intervention.  Enough is enough.  Many of our current Voices of Groom work in the Health and Social Services sector and have been alarmed by the news of Tharunicca’s severe untreated pneumonia and sepsis, delayed access to treatment and subsequent evacuation from Christmas Island.


Our contact with medical professionals who have worked with detained refugees, including people on Christmas Island show that this is not an appropriate place for a young family.  Our health professional members have been greatly concerned by the lack of access to appropriate treatment that led to a rapid deterioration in this young girl’s health.



Mr Hamilton, Voices of Groom is calling for your support to call an end to this dreadful immigration decision.  The people of Groom, along with many across our nation are calling for a sensible and humane resolution for this family. As a nation it is time to stop the cruel solitary detention of this family on Christmas Island. It has been two years.



Research shows that a compassionate response to this family will not encourage other asylum seekers attempting the dangerous journey to Australia. This is the appropriate opportunity for the Home Affairs Minister to use their ministerial power under Migration Law to return this family home to Biloela, Queensland.


We urge the Hon Mr Garth Hamilton MP to speak with the Hon Karen Andrews MP to make a decision urgently in this case. If you wish to add your voice you can write to the Home Affairs Minister here

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10 June 2021

Enough is enough, bring them home to Biloela

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