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Local Issues and Projects


  • Acland mine report
  • Toowoomba Hospital Toowoomba Hospital is a part of Darling Downs Health. It serves a large geographic area (approximately 90,000 square km) that extends well beyond the borders of the Groom electorate. A new hospital is proposed to be built at 1 Hogg St, Cranley, and the Environmental Assessment Report was finalised in January, 2021. 
  • The Groom Renewable Energy Zone. A new report commissioned by the Australian Conservation Foundations, shows renewable energy projects are on track to provide a third of Queensland’s electricity by 2025. This report details how projects contracted and committed to over the last five years will produce more than 10,000 GWh of Queensland’s electricity needs — equivalent to the annual consumption of more than 2 million Queensland households. Page eleven of this report indicates that there are well over 15,000 jobs to be created across the Darling Downs and SW QLD in the renewable energy sector.

Federal Government Responsibilities 


Direct Responsibility for conducting National Affairs:

•    Defence and Foreign Affairs                
•    Trade, Commerce and Currency
•    Mostly Social Services and Pensions
•    Aged Care
•    Immigration
•    Telecommunications and Broadcasting
•    Air Travel
•    Quarantine


Indirect Funding Responsibility to the States and Territories for:

•    Health    
•    Environment
•    Education
•    Industrial Issues

To understand how our governments work, visit this SBS resource

Australian Civics


The Australian Constitution sets out the responsibilities of different levels of government, as well as the frameworks for how our governments function.

You can read the Australian Constitution here.


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