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Senator misunderstands Voices purpose


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September 3, 2021:


A call by Liberal Party Senator Andrew Bragg for the Australian Electoral Commission to investigate the transparency of donations and political messaging of grass roots Voices groups across Australia has been welcomed by local non-partisan group, Voices of Groom.


Chair of Voices of Groom, Meredith King, said the call by Senator Bragg indicated a significant  misreading of the Australian political environment, as well as of the anger within local communities at the lack of genuine political representation by the major parties.


“We are a group that is completely unaligned with any political party and we will not be supporting any candidate in the next Federal election, which is clearly stated on our website,” she said.


“We think these comments are the height of hypocrisy from a senator who voted strongly against increasing political transparency when the opportunity was presented to him in February last year.


She said that it was the lack of integrity and transparency of the current government that had mobilised most of the Voices groups across Australia, and that was the case for Voices of Groom.


“We are a group that is intent on opening up discussion on a range of issues concerning Groom that are currently shut down because of the party line and because big donors have a bigger say than our voters.


“We currently have members from across the political spectrum, some of them also members of mainstream political parties, plus many people who have never been involved in politics,” she said.


“To do this, we have been encouraging the voters of Groom to tell us what their key concerns are for our electorate by way of a survey and kitchen table conversations.  The issue of lack of integrity and transparency in our politicians just keeps coming up.


Miss King said that Voices of Groom is using the information it has collected from its survey and kitchen table conversations to develop a scorecard that will be used to rate all candidates on issues that matter to the community.


“We will also be encouraging candidates to put profiles on our website and asking them to address these key issues, as well as holding forums featuring the candidates so that people in Groom can make up their own minds on who to vote for,” she said.

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03 September 2021

Senator misunderstands Voices purpose 

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