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Committee sought for January Youth Forum


Are you under 25?  Do you want more of a voice on what happens in your region?


A Youth Forum on Thursday, January 20 next year could provide you with just the platform – either as a committee member, or as a Forum participant.


Who is organising the forum?


The Youth Forum Committee will organise the forum with the support of members of Voices of Groom.


You can go to our Home and About Us pages to find out more about our purpose and vision. We are non-partisan and non-political.


Why are we having a Youth Forum?


We want to hear from anyone who wants to make sure the issues faced by young people are recognised at all political levels. 


The aim of the Youth Forum is to map a vision for the region from the perspective of young people.  This could be used by elected representatives, federal, state or local level.


Robert Baillie is one of the few young people involved with Voices, so the group has struggled to understand what matters to young people. Robert said:


“This Youth Forum is exciting, because we will actually be able to identify issues that are most important for us in this region and suggest solutions, as well as ensuring that the voices of hundreds of young people are heard.”


How will it work?


This will be a deliberative democracy process designed to get our region's youth voice heard.


Voices of Groom hopes to attract hundreds of young people to the January forum, from all sectors and walks of life.


“We really want to start conversations on a diverse range of topics and want to hear from people from all walks of life, whether they live in rural or urban areas, are unemployed or have a job, are attending uni or school, have recognised challenges to living their lives – we want to make sure every voice is heard.”


This does mean that views from across the political spectrum will be included, and participants expected to work together to find common ground as the basis for our conversations.


The committee will be guided on a participative process, then they will decided how to run the forum.  Voices of Groom members who are experienced in community and participative engagement techniques will make suggestions and answer questions about the participatory process.


What's in this for you?


Robert said he expected the experience could be life-changing for many young people.


“It’s so important for all of us to find our voice in a safe and encouraging environment, and I think that the Youth Forum will be the perfect place for that happen.”


In return for your time on the Forum, you'll have access to mentoring and skills development in a range of areas, from teamwork to communication to community participation processes.


Nominating for the committee


Expressions of interest are open for positions on the Youth Forum organising committee from young people aged under 25 who live and/or work or go to school or university in the federal electorate of Groom.


The  entire committee will be made up of young people aged up to 25.


People interested should nominate by December 5 - keep reading to find out how!


How it will work


  • Committee formed by December 6 .
  • First meeting on Sunday, December 12, 2-4pm (in person - that's where we will do some team-building and Forum planning).
  • Committee members will have access to ideas and guidance of Voices members on the engagement processes that can be used to generate respectful conversations and develop outcomes at the Forum.
  • Committee members and Youth Forum participants are not obligated to have further involvement with Voices of Groom.
  • You will have access to a small budget for the Forum, and the wider Voices group will also actively support sponsorship and partnerships suggested by the committee.


What we need from you


  • Your enthusiasm and ideas!
  • A contribution of about two hours a week, increasing through January as we get started to all-day commitments on Jan 19 & 20.
  • Meetings will be in person at the library (often evenings) but we'll also do Zoom for the meetings you can't get to.
  • Meetings are likely to be fortnightly after your initial team building and planning sessions.
  • There is no cost to be part of the committee or to attend the Youth Forum.
  • Your attendance at the first meeting on December 12 in person - that's where we will do some team building and planning.


Still want to know more?


You can email us at and we can set up a chat.


All good?  Nominate here...


Just click on this link and take the survey to nominate!

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